Arhi Tiny Tales: Mornings

~Tiny tales of Arnav-Khushi~



Khushi Kumari Gupta was anything but a morning person. When she was a child, there were hardly any days when she hadn’t cried her lungs out first thing in the morning and just like Indian rituals and traditions, this particular habit of her glued itself to her with a fevicol grip and passed on as she aged beautifully. She absolutely hates getting up in the morning with the intensity one hates Mondays of all days.

But then it all changed ever since she got married to this particular human that was the perfect creation of god to say the least. sigh!

Doesn’t matter how deeply she would be engrossed in her dream world, her body wouldΒ  automatically respond to his feather light kisses he showered upon her first in the morning. Her morning alarm, as she used to call them but then how could you hate an alarm this sweet, this passionate that automatically sends a tingling sensation down to her very core n left her slightly trembling. The way he kissed her shoulder, sometimes her hair or her forehead,she felt like falling deeper and deeper into an endless distant hole, which left your adrenaline on a all time high waiting for you to land. The way he sometimes linked their fingers watching her deep in slumber while enjoying the cool breeze or the chirping of the birds in the background was almost serene and hypnotic just like a perfect fairytale dream. The way he always made sure to kiss her squarely on her jaw before rolling out of the bed, for khushi its like flying high in the air on a magic carpet.just like Aladin.

Even in sleep she couldn’t help but smiling coyly. And then it would hit her. His musky fragrance first thing in the morning as he get dressed for office while a heavily dazed khushi kept roaming places after places like a deer in search of kastoori. His fragrance, a mixture of all things Raizada would lured her out of her drug induced slumber, slowly and Khushi Kumari Gupta would finally dragged her eyes open to laid her gaze on the awesome-est thing one could ask for in the morning, specially when the person is as lazy and cranky as khushi kumari Gupta was.

The way he would pause monetarily n turned to look at her while she would silently watch him getting dressed , the way his eyes started shining with a glint of its own, the way his lips split up into that infectious smile as if he was glancing at the most beautiful creation of god, always left her stumbled to say the least. A warmth spreads slowly into her veins coating her in its embrace and she was left wondering as to when and how she got so lucky to have him all for herself. This man himself is the definition of perfection. He needs nothing else to describe the aura that he has,the charm he naturally oozes. Yet he would treat her as if she was a precious treasure here.

and then draping the suit, dressing himself to perfection, like a walking sin,he would come for her. Bending down and capturing her mouth like a hungry predator he would show her the dominance he involuntarily carried all by himself while on the other hand his palm would smoothen out her tangled hair in knots. The way he would demand her mouth without any care for the morning breath or her appearance was a proof enough that for him she was indeed beautiful, that she doesn’t need to doll herself up in those expensive attires or jewellery for that matter. His love was strong enough to dress her up, to coat her skin with a radiant glow of its own.

The way he would nuzzle his nose at the crook of her neck or the way he would lightly caress her cheeks with the back of his palm, the way he would sniff her like her fragrance drove him wild or the way he would gather her in his arms without thinking about his ironed pristine suit. The way his lips twiched as her fingers raked through his wet thick manes or the way he would whisper the words of love. Everything left her aching and yearning for him. She felt like the luckiest person to have experience such powerful waves of emotions coursing inside her as she felt nothing but a putty in his hands and then dropping one last toe curling and soul shattering kiss, he would take away the remnants of her dizziness.

and khushi was always left wondering, if only he had crossed path earlier in her life, she would have saved numerous of her mornings.

Now who wouldn’t prefer waking up in the mornings to such a delicious treat?


19 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tales: Mornings

  1. nice story.amomg ur tiny tales i liked ‘free’ the most.although arshi were seperated in that, that one was unique.pls update ‘compatability’ soon.i love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, I am first again. Yipeeeeeeeeee

    Another lovely, yummy, muahhhh story. Everytime, you left me speechless, with such awesome description. I am so loving your series of tiny tales.

    But, when will you update all your remaining stories in IF ?????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi jayeeta.
      i do get your awesome comments ❀ and would like to thank you for taking your time and and dropping in such lovely feedbacks πŸ™‚ will resume stories dheere dheere πŸ˜€


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