Arhi Tiny Tales: Words

~Tiny tales of Arnav-Khushi~



She won’t talk to him!

He cursed himself for getting late again as he glanced at his Rolex watch. Shit! He was running late by a good hour and so. Damn his memory that chose to ditch him at the end moment. Now as he drove towards his home he could literally imagine her reaction, her expression and the silent treatment that was very well on its way to him. It will take some time to maneuver her, but in the end it will be all worth it. A slow smile perched on his lips at the realization and left a tingling sensation all over. Four years of their marriage, and still it still felt like yesterday. The road to marriage was not a smooth one. There were ups, there were downs, there was happiness followed by rough times. There were extremely difficult times that only helped in bounding them together and that was the beauty of it. Isn’t it?


“khushi kahan hai?”

He asked omprakash who served him a glass of water. In response omprakash just glanced at the wall clock before looking at him again, then shaking his head like he was disappointing in him as well for coming late. Raizada merely narrowed his eyes at the traitor infront of him. They all have openly switched parties ever since he got married to khushi. Bhabhi ke chamche.

“Khushi bhabhi aapse naraaz hain”

Raizada opened his mouth to plead his case as to why he was late but then thought the better of it. Better to search the victim party. Shaking his head he made his way towards the only place he was sure to find her.



He cleared his throat as he stood behind her, at a respectable distance for his safety and had a hard time containing his grin at the frown that was marred on her face. Nevertheless, she was still looking beautiful. She dragged her gaze from the blue water of the pool that was reflecting with the moonlight. And her gaze rested on him. And it narrowed slightly while a frown accentuated her featured.

He could look at her till eterninty and still not get tired. She is the one person that can get reactions out of him without even uttering a single word. She is the center around which his world revolves.  She is the definition of perfect. They say you dont love her because she is beautiful .She is beautiful because you love her. and loving her, he did. To bits n pieces, to moon and back. Till eternity he will. She is the one for him and if given a choice, he’ll always end up with her for the next seven lives as well.

She looked away and Raizada couldn’t help loving her even more. Taking a seat next to her on the swing, he slowly placed his arms around her waist, which she patted away before huffily tilting her head sideways, away from him. He dragged her form to his side a bit strongly and she gazed at him with a lovely growl in place this time.

Their gazes connected as looked at each other without once breaking the instant connection they had formed and a warmth spread all over his body as he found her silent anger started leaving her.  It was hesitant at first but with each second that passed in the close proximity she started melting with the warmth of his love. He knew that. It s always like that. They seem to be connected in a way he couldnt describe in words for they wouldn’t justify the power of love they have for their better half. This is what he loved about her, about their relation. Their gazes were enough to transfer the emotions they have for each other, the love that lingered behined their orbs and she could never hide this from him, try as she might. Words weren’t needed. They never were. He felt his heart beating again as a slow hesitant smile started perching on her beautiful lips again. Her infectious smile was the best thing he could have asked for after a hard day at work .It was something more beautiful than all the picturesque  beauty of the world combined. They say you could read a woman’s mind and see thorugh her soul en-route her eyes, her tears and her smile. You just need to be a man enough to read it all. Smiling through her eyes he knew she’s aware of everything. Aware of how much he loves her. The ture, sacred love that was still going strong. The thin weil of tears that has now coated her eyes were proof enough.

He felt content as she clutched his shirt lovingly and placed her shoulder on his head thus exhaling a content breath.

It was beyond perfect.

By seeing them so peaceful, so happy, so content, no body could have guessed that only one of them can actually talk. Their love was strong enough to communication without the barrier of words.

As they say, words are never a hindrance when LOVE itself is a strong enough language.


7 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tales: Words

  1. Very nice & sweet story.

    Another great attempt.

    It’s true when conversation can be held through eyes, words are not even required


  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. I am the first to comment . Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Another nice & beautiful story. Obviously it’s clear that Khushi can’t talk . But as you say, when a long conversation can be held through eyes, words are not even required.

    Liked by 1 person

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