Arhi Tiny tales: Free

~Tiny Tales of Arnav Khushi~



He glanced at his reflection in the mirror for the last time and felt a wave of joy coursing throughout his veins. The day is finally here. Grabbing the sehra lying on the side table, he wear it slowly, then adjusting it to perfection. He glanced at his attire yet again. A royal blue color brocade sherwani with golden color breeches was supercilious to say the least. Designed exclusively for him, the head honcho of a leading fashion house of India. It was a dream come true for the designer who got the opportunity to design for the grand wedding of the year. The media was going berserk,not missing a single opportunity to cover the event.

His gaze traveled downwards in the reflection. The sherwani giving him a royal look with a touch of ethnicity and modernity all rolled into one. Royal blue. The color she loves the most. she will definitely love the attire. It was definitely a masterpiece, adorned with shiny diamantes, kundan, cutdana, zari, motifs on high neck collar and sleeves. It wasn’t just an attire. It was more than that. Way more. Like pure sacred dreams have been weaved together to form a beautiful piece of clothing. It was a magnificent amalgamation of various pieces of threads intimated together to weave something out of dreams. Her dreams. She had sketched an attire so similar to the one he’s wearing now. Her wish was to see him adorning that creation on their wedding day.

wishes do come true?

He didn’t answer the question. A twisted one it was.instead, with one last look, he made his way downstairs leaving behind his train of thoughts.


His eyes was searching for her constantly amidst the sea of people coming to greet him, to wish him for the wedding. His heart hoping for her to make an appearance soon. Slightly annoyed at the camera man who was proving to be a hindrance in between, asking him to pose every now and then. He nodded his head with a small smile on his lips, at one of his business associates who passed on a huge bouquet of flowers. But his mind was elsewhere.

and then he saw her.Khushi.

Their gazes collided with each other and his world came to a standstill. Something passed between them without words being spoken. He waited with bated breath as her gaze traversed downwards,slowly, taking in the view, as if capturing each and every intricate detail into memory before they traversed back the whole route and finally connected with his orbs again.

and then she smiled. A smile of approval. A smile filled with so many emotions rolled into one.

A smile hiding a small stash of pain behind it. Pain of loosing each other. Pain of incomplete dreams. Pain of a beautiful future that could be theirs. future that was so close yet out of reach. Yet it was a beautiful smile reflecting the closure they both needed. A wish made together. A wish now fulfilled. A dream they were both a part of but now merely on the parallel tracks. Yet as they stood together for the last time, living a small moment that they both had pictured a life ago, the achievement was heart wrentchingly beautiful than anything else at the moment.

He was the groom. She was just the guest. A small moment passed between them as they raced together yet standing still for eternity.

And then she blinked, a small smile appearing on her lips indicating the moment was over. Both were left with this memory to last for a life time.

Linking her arms with her husband, they wished the newly weds,Arnav Singh Raizada and his bride, presenting them a bouquet.

One last glance and an understanding smile. It was all that passed as two birds finally got brave enough to open the lid of the cage and flew in opposite direction.

11 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny tales: Free

  1. You always do this… Always make my expectation high and you bring it to another Platform where things happen which my innocent heart never expect… 😀
    Beautifully written 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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