OS: Sleep

Khushi fidgeted and shifted some more on her side of the bed, probably for the nth time that night, all the while cursing that stupid uncomfortable mattress for everything, while a highly smug Raizada tried his best to hold his lips from twitching upwards on that action of hers before masking a straight face and engrossing back into his laptop.

Now, that is a very unique situation for this Raizada couple.Arnav was working on his laptop, sticking to his side of the bed and khushi was sleeping,or trying to sleep or muttering under her breath or whatever it is she was trying to do from past 2 hours, on her side. And a very unusual wide space between them that could accommodate half of delhi city. Not that Raizada would want it in the first place. Though, as far as he remembered, since his marriage to her, he couldnt quite relate to the terms his side/her side in bed,cause the scene every morning was almost 90% of the bed empty, with Raizada being cornered to his remote side and khushi spawled all over him like grated cheese on a sandwitch.

until and unless,its a time out for Raizada. And unfortunately, today was one such night.

She fidgeted some more, making a face at the agony of the situation as she inadvertently shifted closer to him. This is so not fair. He is so deeply engrossed in his work like nothing happened while she was squirming like a fish out of water while it should have been the other way around. Devi maiya is so not fair on her. God, and why is he not saying something ,like pleading her to take him back, like dumping that stupid laptop and apologizing, like embracing her in a bone crushing hug and kissing her breathless. like putting her to sleep like always. She sulked inwardly realizing no chance of it happening anytime soon. Not that he would deny her but khushi was too proud to now back out on her words. Anyways, she wasn’t talking to him and it wouldn’t look good if she would now cling to him like a parasite after delivering him a ‘No touching’ lecture just an hour back. hmph!

No touching!
the stupid rule invented by his talented wife. Great.like who does that?,he thought with annoyance marred over his face.  Not touching khushi that too for a whole night, wasn’t something Raizada was good at but then his pretty wife took advantage of his this very weakness to the fullest in her favor. It was like her way of telling him ‘f**k off Raizada’. It was the third time in three days that he had to cancel their dinner plans. A complete family dinner was what khushi has been planning for weeks and he had promised her as well, but some rescheduled meetings with Mr Virmani, a client he was working with for the latest project forced him to postpone his plans with the family. But anyways, you dont get to put all the blame on Virmani or any other praani for that matter, when your wife stands in front of you, sulking, shooting daggers with eyes and eyeing you like you are some outdated nokia 1100 in the era of smartphones.

But it wasn’t that Raizada didnt tried either.

“haan please carry your meetings with Mr Virmani in our bedroom too. You two can take the bed and I’ll take the couch”
The above response was delivered to him with so much sincerity that he began considering for a second before he was effectively smacked by a cushion.

He tried maneuvering her, even putting his unmatchable kissing skills to use in order to pull out that stupid idea outta her brain but then khushi was nothing if not determined. That much he knew about his pretty adamant wife and so Raizada tried the alternate route.

and as far as he could see, that was pretty much working as well in his favour. so, its a win win for him. bas he just needs to continue displaying his immaculate acting skills that are way better than her favorite selfie lele hero. He grinned smugly before engrossing back into his work.

she tossed, turned, did some stretching exercise, drank a full glass of water from the night stand, patted the pillows and cushions, changing it to colder sides, grabbed her cell phone, strolled her fb, checked her timeline, liked some old classmate’s dp who was pouting like a duck, forwarded a funny joke on her whatsapp to all,that ironically wasnt funny at all, angrily played angry birds, sudoku, candy crush before putting the phone down and fiddling with the air conditioner’s remote. Even after performing every damn thing she could lay her hands on with no signs of sleep still approaching her anytime soon, she finally turned to her husband, narrowing her eyes at him

“Cant you see i am trying to sleep. Cant you put that thing down and switch off the light?”
she spat with annoyance clearly lingering in her voice.

He peered up from the laptop masking those perfect ‘oh-i-didnt-noticed‘ expressions on his face and she narrowed her eyes some more.

baby you’re doing everything but sleeping. Wont be surprised if you start arranging our closet from the scratch at this hour.
“baby, just 20 minutes. letme finish this presentation then am all yours”
He turned to her giving her a cocky grin.

“dont you baby me now. You are not coming near me. Just switch off that light and whats wrong with this AC today..so hot, i cant sleep at all”
she scoffed as she grabbed the remote and further decrease the temperature.

Nothing wrong with AC for all i know, his lips twitched slightly at his wife who was looking cutish as hell in that adorable pout.
“okay 15 minutes. and yeah, its hot today”

he replied agreeing to her,before pulling off the tee shirt that he was wearing and made a point of stretching in front of her before feigning ignorance and engrossing back in his laptop.

she gulped. Literally. Her eyes wide as she hungrily stared at him like a cat watches an aquarium. and she knew there and then.

It wasnt the mattress, it wasnt the pillow, it wasnt even the AC. It was him.

Though their room has the softest ever cushions and mattresses ever made for the comfort of mankind but her real comfort came in his arms. Undoubtedly. She would prefer his muscular profile over any mattress hands down. His chest for pillow anyday. His embrace for comforter anytime. and thats how it always had been, since the start. she’s so used to sleeping in his arms, clinging to him like a baby while tracing his 6 gorgeous packs and throwing a leg across his thighs while he caressed her locks, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. sometimes even his calm breath was enough for her to drift into a peaceful slumber. and she wasnt talking about the intimacy part even. She is so used to sleeping like this that she hardly got any sleep whenever she visits her home for prolong stays. on her last visit there 3 months back she remembered she kept fidgeting whole night, clinging to buaji, while tracing her abdomen out of habit only to have buaji slapping her hands away. That day onwards khushi rarely stayed for the night unless its a case of urgency. Coming back to the present she glared at him with puppy dog eyes as her fingers itched to touch his bare skin. Only the man in demand was unaware of any such thing. He doesnt love me anymore.

she whispered to herself with that adorable pout still in place, in a voice so low that she was convincing herself it was true.

and Raizada couldnt teased her anymore. Not while his baby is obviously yearning for him but too proud to ask for it. As if he wasn’t. Hell with this no touching rule of hers. He saved the still unfinished presentation and shut down the laptop. Placing it back on the night stand he turned to look at khushi who was now on her stomach but facing the opposite direction. In one swift motion he pulled her to himself and she squealed in surprise. Her eyes danced with joy for a breif second before the frown took over again.

” what are you doing? i am not talking to you”
she sulked again narrowing her eyes.

“hmm..i know”
he replied before propelling her even more closer, took her face in his hands and captured that adorable gorgeous pout in his mouth. Kissing her leisurely and slowly while entangled his fingers in her locks.  A kiss that instantly calmed her nerves and he felt her stance relaxing. This always works. His lips were firm as they moved fervently against her mouth. A sexy little grin began to appear on his face as he pulled back from the kiss after a minute or two now to stare at her gorgeous face and deep black eyes. beautiful and mine!

“its not that i cant sleep without you..its just this AC thats acting weird today”
she stated like a child and he could help rolling his eyes at the cuteness she was displaying despite trying to being reasonable enough.

“hmm..damn this AC. Will file a case against the company in consumer forum. I, however cant sleep without my wife though”
he admitted while flashing that to-die-for smile and witness how ever so slowly her lips broke into a smile and Raizada couldn’t help falling for her all over again.

now smiling like a happy kid who just got his favorite present for Christmas, she quickly draped over him, placing her head on his chest, listening to her favorite rhythm ie his heartbeat, throwing her arm over his abdomen tracing his skin, draping her legs all over him.  she closed her eyes in contentment when he switched off the lights and pulled her further into his embrace, kissing her forehead while caressing her back. Perfect. Just the way she prefers.

He was amazed at how perfectly she fit into his embrace like she was made for it. He wouldn’t have it any other way and realized he was indeed the luckiest man on earth to have her in his life. He closed her eyes in contentment.

a comfortable silence blanketed them in its embrace.

“but i am still not talking to you”

she stated after a minute in the deep silence of the room.

“shut up khushi and sleep”

she placed her head back on her chest.

and added after another minute.
“its only cause YOU cant sleep without me and not the other way”

this time he smacked her ass and she squealed before snuggling deeper into him as she closed her eyes with a sigh of relief. My man!

with his heartbeat playing closer to her ear and her deep breaths fanning over him, being the sweetest lullabies putting Raizada couple to sleep in no time as they drifted towards a peaceful slumber.together!

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