OS: Phone call


1st Jan 2013,1:10 pm :


“Hello !!”

“Have u eaten ur lunch ? ”

“Umm…Not yet jaan, I m slightly bizzy ryt now “

“What???..you ARE having your lunch ryt NOW n Dats final.. ! ”

“Okhay..ohk..relax baby..i’ll do it..khush…!!???

“Very !”

“Bye ab..let me do work!”

“OK..luv you !”

“Hmmm..luv u too”


1 Jan 2013, 2:40 pm

Trin trin …

“Hello n before you yell at me, YES, I had my lunch just after your call “

“Gud, have you taken your medicines ? ”

“umm..vo…I was just…”



“how careless u are,can’t you take care of yourself..just tell me? ”

“Ok ok..sorry baby..m taking it ”


1 Jan 2013, 4:30 pm :


“For god’ sake..you are calling me thrice in the past 3 hours …don’t you have anything productive to do Mr. Raizada ? See, what will your employees think when they will come to know that THE ASR is having nothing else to do other than calling n pestering his wife to take food and meds ”
, chuckled a pregnant khushi , sitting on the bed with legs crossing at the ankles , a huge tray laden with various types of fruits lying in front of her.

“Oh yeah..so, for your information,lemme remind you..I ve got a crazy girl as a wife, who is 6 months pregnant at the moment..n she takes care of everyone n everything EXCEPT herself ..so, I guess..its one hell of a job which I love to do .” Arnav replied, relaxing in his chair, a grin appearing on his face replacing the earlier tension.

Khushi picked up an apple slice n gobbling it, replied further,” offfo arnav jee…see,I m perfectly alryt..

”And m only pregnant..not dying ..”

” SHUT THE FU*K UP DAMMIT !!! DON’T YOU DARE TALK LIKE THAT AGAIN EVER… !!” , arnav yelled at the top of his voice

running a hand through his hair and then rubbing his face, he tries to control his sudden anger that was provocated at her last statement

he met with a prolonged silence from the other side of the phone.

Followed by soft sobs…

Realizing the situation, His anger died out soon,replaced by worry,he mentally kicked himself for behaving like a jerk at such a small issue. he took few deep breaths before continuing ,

“Khush ..m sorry ..I shudnt have yelled at you !! ”

More sobs..

“Jaaan…m sorry na !!!”

“Arnav jee..I think, I must have transferred some of my pregnancy hormones to you while kissing last night ” khushi replied,pouting her lips, tears brimming in her eyes and trying to gobble one huge piece of pine apple in her small mouth !

Arnav relaxed somewhat after hearing her voice

Controlling his raging heart beat He replied after a span of few minutes in a painful voice that was barely above a whisper,

“I don’t wanna loose you”


“Khush, m very unlucky.I might have all the wealth and power in this world but I m very poor when it comes to love. Whoever I have loved wid my heart..dey left me forever. My mom,I couldnt save my mom when she was dying in front of me, I had promised maa to take care of Di…but I failed there too…m cursed khushi…I can never forgive myself if anything happens to you and our baby !”

Khushi’s ears jumped to attention at the sudden change in the conversation.

Tears spilled over khushi’s lids but she wiped them away instantly. She shook her head , tears choking her throat,

” No.. arnav ji…Dats not true !! ”

” U are the best brother, best son and best husband in this whole world”

“And u know what ..U will be the world’s best Father too…”

puts one of her palm on her swollen tummy,

“Ooucchh…See, d lil one too agrees with me…he’s kicking ”

Arnav wiping his tears from the corner of his eyes
” It’s she khush , don’t u forgot, I want a girl ”

“No arnav jee, I want a boy ”

” yeah we will try for the boy later ..but first I want a girl just like you ”

“No arn…”

“Wait…did u took your vitamin pills ????”

” aargh…Arnavvv jeee ”

“don’t u have work to do …”

…and the luv cum fight goes on …



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