OS: My Valentine Gift

Khushi was folding the clothes of arnav n arranging them in the closet.

Neatly !

Just the way he prefers !

The most freaking controlled human being that can ever exist on the face of earth

Undoubtedly, was her Husband.

Arnav Singh Raizada.

She glanced at the wall clock to check the time,
11:35 pm

He had gone to attend a Business Dinner with his delegates n was still not back.

So, in order to kill time, she thought of arranging his closet.

She rolled her eyes, shaking her head lightly, remembering her husband’s antics.

How he had thrown tantrums last time he couldn’t find his silk grey tie on 4th number cuz she had placed it behind other good luking ties.

Eh, Freaking Perfect Raizada !

She remembered how he often scolded her too,for not keeping her closet arranged to the very core.

Often, she had spotted him folding her dupattas, lying carelessly on bed n placing them in her closet..mumbling something about tidiness n cleanliness all the way!

She was deep in thoughts n grinning lazily at his antics that she failed to notice an arm suddenly draping around her waist and then she felt herself being pulled at a rather solid chest.

Her breath hitched in her throat at that sudden action, but then she smiled, exhaling a relieved sigh.

It’s him !

It’s His smell !

She smiled when she felt him placing a lingering kiss on the crook of her neck, which instantly resulted in her heart skipping a beat.

They were married for almost a year now n still his just a mere touch n she felt like she’s melting in his arms.

She asked grinning lazily,feeling utmost secure in the nest of his arms,
Aa Gaye aap? Dinner kiya aapne

He merely nodded in approval and pressed a warm kiss on her hair.

She closed her eyes in contentment.

Ah,the best feeling,in the best place !

Feeling of love, in the cocoon of his arms.

They stand like that for god knows how long.

After spending few minutes in each other’s arms, he closed her eyes with one of his palms, fished out something from his trousers pocket n placed it on her other palm.

She felt something with a velvet texture enclosed within her hand and opened her eyes to came across a small,square shaped ,royal blue color velvet box.

Her eyes shimmered with joy on opening the box, there was a small platinum pendant consisting of two entangled hearts with two small diamonds encrusted in between

Happy Valentines day jaan
He whispered lovingly in her ears.

n the clock strikes 12, marking the beginning of the day made for the people to show their love n affection to their beloved ones .

She turned around in the nest of his arms, looked at the pendant lovingly that was glittering in the dim light of the room and glanced up into his eyes.

Her own eyes shimmering with joy n love for this very man, who was certainly the center of her universe.

It’s so beautiful arnav ji..how do you know that I wanted one, exactly like this

Oh,who could have known you better than me,he thought smugly.

Arnav Singh Raizada, a billionaire businessman, who could buy any exquisite material comfort present on the face of earth,with just a click of his fingers, settled for this most simplest n modest piece of jewelry that merely costed him anything with respect to his standard.

Oh, but then the gift is for none other than Khushi Singh Raizada.
He smirked again.

Out of the 10 most expensive pieces of jewelry,encrusted with rarest of rare jewels, scattered infront of him, he chose this one, lying In the corner, secluded, hidden under the dominance of others.

But his eyes were searching for that secluded piece only.

Something like Khushi !

Simple yet unique in its own way that stand apart from the rest of the world!

The pendant resembled their hearts that were entangled with each other for the rest of their life.

He sighed in contentment at the look of joy in her eyes.

She threw her arms around his neck and replied in a voice that was barely above a whisper, placing the softest of kiss on his cheeks .

Happy Valentines day arnav jee

Par humne toh aapko kuch diya hi nahi“, She pouted her bow shaped lips.

bataiye aapko kya chahiye Valentine’s day pe?”, she asked excitedly arching her eyebrows.

He just smirked in response and replied with a lazy grin,
I don’t want anything, I AM COMPLETE NOW ! ”

He said the last part of the sentence after gathering her in his arms,

She detached herself n asked again,a bit stubbornly this time,
Offo arnav jee btaiye na, hum aapko sach me kuch Dena chahte hain

Arnav opened his mouth to deny again, but then his business mind worked faster than light and a evil smirk appear on his oh so lovely face !

U sure u wanna give me something ” arnav asked in an amused voice this time.

Ofcourse arnav Je, tell me what you want for a gift

Okay then, I want my 300 rupees back !
Arnav replied with an amused grin adoring his face.

Hun..“, khushi replied rather Dumbly,tilting her head a little, confusion written all over her face.

Yes! 300 rs, that you had borrowed once, to start your business I guess ” arnav replied arching his brows n crossing his arms across his chest.

Oh, Arnav Singh Raizada, THE billionaire, is asking for 300 rs as a Valentine gift..ajeeb hain Ye bhi, bilkul hamari tarah.
She grinned mentally at her thought n asked him again to ensure whether he seriously want that or not,

U sure arnav ji..is that what you want ?

100 percent
Came a determined cum husky voice.

Okay then
She said rather confusedly, still not completely okay with his idea of 300 rs as a valentine gift and started moving towards her closet to get her purse, when she was halted by her husband’s strong arms.

She glanced up to look into his Brown orbs,arching her brows to ask what the matter is.

A smirk started making its appearance on his lovely oh to die for lips and instead of replying to her question, he rather pulled her forward in the next instant and before she could respond, crushed her soft plump lips with his own.

His tongue started tracing her lips, as if seeking permission to enter, whereas his hand started traveling downwards.

Khushi started melting instantly in his arms,her heart beating rather erratically, an adrenaline rush passed through her entire body n she shivered violently under his oh so expert touch.

Ah, the feeling of him.

Khushi’s mind had stopped working sanely the moment his hands land on her body n she gasped, unconsciously giving her the entry, his tounge was waiting so desperately for.

The moment he entered her sweet mouth, their tongue started entangling ,twisting n fighting with each other.

They were dancing with each other in a rhythmic tone known only to their hearts.

His desperate n hungry tongue touched the roof of her mouth and she felt a shiver ran down her entire body !

This was heaven!

Heaven on earth !

She shivered underneath him, unable to cope up with the passion that was building ten fold with each passing second.

His mouth left her tongue n now started sucking her lower lip with an intensity so passionate that she could hardly stand with.

His persistent mouth demanding more n yet more with each passing second !

She squirmed again, the blazing passion now growing out of control, n she felt himself smiling in the kiss.

He pulled apart, an evil grin still plastered on that sexy face n  displaying his famous loop side smirk again, he replied for the first time after breaking the kiss,

Rs 290, still left !

And I want my complete gift NOW !

Her eyes opening wide in shock after the initial dizziness got cleared away somehow.

And then a crimson blush started making its way on her cheeks !

Needless to say a rather different valentine they celebrated that night.


Next morning:Raizada House, Dining table

Wow Khushi ji, very beautiful pendant..chotey ne gift kiya?
An elated Anjali asked khushi who was sitting n having her breakfast, unconsciously playing with her chain.

Khushi looked at arnav lovingly n nodded her head, the blush plastered to her face permanently now.

aur aapne kya diya chotey ko?” Anjali questioned dreaming-ly now looking at khushi.

the above question resulted in two things happening simultaneously

khushi choking on her food.


An evil Smirk appearing on Arnav’s face.

Successfully hiding his grin, he patted her back,offering her a glass of water.

Jaan..tell them,what you gave me this Valentine ” he whispered loud enough for only khushi to listen.

In response all he get was an angry, very angry glare !

Angry enough to eat him alive.

He smirked at his wife’s helplessness. Shaking his head triumphantly,he got up from his seat, bidding everyone bye n made his way to the sofa to pick up his laptop.

Meanwhile,She breathed a sigh of relief

Thank god !

He halted in his steps,removing his wallet from his trouser’s pocket and after inspecting it, turned around, with innocence plastered all over his face,

Umm..Khushi,I only have credit cards..need some change, give me 30 rs, NOW !

she choked on her food for the second time that day.

She got up from her seat, turned around to look at the devil who was displaying an evil grin.

She placed her hands on her hips n narrowed her eyes!

That’s not fair devi maiyaa…He’s playing dirty.
She complained mentally.

He asked nonchalantly, arching an brow and crossing his arms across his chest,

Fast..I don’t have time. The balance is still left on your side !”

But before she could reply, came another voice

Bhaiya hamare paas hai, hum de kya ? “, A loyal om prakash offered his help voluntarily, feeling very happy to be at use.

She couldn’t help and a chuckle escaped her mouth, making a certain Raizada angry.

Glaring angrily at the rather, kabaab me haddi, om prakash, he gazed piercingly at khushi who was behaving as if she had just listen the joke of the century.

He denied the kind offer with a furious glare n thumping his foot, stormed out of the room.

Oh, this laad governor n his antics.

But,How could she deny him his gift !

she would love to be head over heels in this kind of debt.

4 her whole life !

Certainly,Some debts are too good to be settled for once n all

She rolled her eyes n shook her head lightly, a small grin appearing on her face n she ran behind him shouting loudly.

Arnav jee..rukiye…aapke 30 rs..

Needless to say, For the next 10 minutes the couple was bizy in exchanging Valentine gifts n settling their debts,behind the SUV,

In their own unique way !

Eh,their debtful Valentine was undoubtedly,very happy one !

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