OS: Her Dress

“There’s NO f**king way you are wearing THAT thing..!”

Arnav Singh Raizada all but growled at his wife who was standing in front of the mirror in a short black shift dress, without sleeves,with a deep but modest enuf-to-carefully-hide-her-asset neckline and was elegantly landing just inches above her knees. With her hands on her hips, she was checking herself n the dress from all the angles..remotely possible!

Turning a lil bit sideways, still looking at her reflection  n brushing her long silky hair, she pointed the comb towards her flat stomach n asked him,

“Am i looking fat..you think?..”

Her lower lip jutted out making her face so adorably beautiful with that pout of hers, totally ignoring her husband’s previous objection.

He pronounced her name in that no nonsense tone of his, which surely earned him the desired reward n he got what he was looking for...her attention.

She turned back and looked at him,questioning him by arching her perfectly knitted eyebrow alongside feigning innocence, she mumbled a “What?” in low tone, though she was already preparing herself mentally for his tantrums..that she was sure were gonna follow..soon.

He n his Protective Traits
..she sighed internally.

“You Heard me..”

He replied in that crisp tone again, crossing his arms across his chest,arching his brows n tilting his head too, looking every bit predator, ready for fight any given moment.

she rolled her eyes at him, n replied in a voice,that sounded more like a child rebelling against its parents,

“but, YOU only bought this dress for me..if you remember Mr Raizada? “, she turned again after giving him her best poker face.

As expected, he crossed the distance between them in few seconds only,turned her around by helding her shoulders and replied, his gaze locked with hers.

“for one, I know i got this dress for you. Two, you are NOT luking fat..but absolutely stunning Mrs Raizada,in case you are having a doubt and Three, You are NOT going out to enjoy wearing this dress WITHOUT me by your side..CLEAR?…”

“Not fair…its my fav dress n i wanna wear this one only..and ITS FINAL!”,she replied narrowing her eyes at him, glaring holes in his body,stubbornly crossing her arms across her chest n thumping her foot in a way that showed she’s not gonna take No as an answer this time.

He tried hard to suppressed the budding anger inside him. If he had used that tone with any of his employee, they probably would have been running like fires on their tail right now..as most of the times happens. But it was NOT any other employee in front. It was that one person who knows him inside out, who can handle his temper tantrums better than others, who can calm him down just by an innocent smile of hers, on whom his bossy tone had stopped working ages ago and who right now was hell bent on pushing his buttons to the edge.

As usual, it being saturday,Khushi was going on a girls-day-out with anjali, payal n lavanya. It was their routine now..Every alternate saturday all 4 of them went out to enjoy, spend quality time or ‘freedom time’, as they called it, with each other.

Freedom? what da!!..As if other wise he tied khushi to his bed.

ah..NOT a bad idea..sudden pang of desires hit his body in the most possible places, arousing him instantly..and the vision of his wife..tied to his bed in this same dress sounds so delicious to him.

STOP it Raizada!

He scolded himself n cleared his mind of the sensuous pictures it was presenting him totally without invitation, and he was sure that if he paid attention towards it for even a second more then  ‘movie’ of her fav whats-his-name khan was the last thing khushi’s gonna go for..and he certainly dint wanted to spoil her plans, plans for which she was so exited for.

and as far as ‘his’ plans are concerned, he could always pursue them the moment she’ll be back.

so,khushi n her gang usually spend their saturdays either in some spa or beauty clinic,sometimes catching the latest movie, or doing rounds of shopping..or probably a simple lunch in some famous restro,catching the latest happenings in each other’s life.

and today its the movie n shopping thing.

Not that he was against her going out or having her private time..infact he was the one who had insisted it in the first place.

But not like THIS..Though the dress was not THAT revealing or expensive..it was just a overall plain black number from armani, that he had bought keeping her preferences in mind.as she likes it simple. The pale color of her skin that was in contrast with the jet black color of the dress was doing just the perfect job of highlighting n accentuating her beauty. It was clinging to her body just like a second skin, hugging all her curves perfectly and then on top of that,the neckline dat was givin a very slight peek-a-boo of those glorious globes of hers..which only he had a right to touch or see.

HELL,just the thought of some random person staring or ogling at his wife made him see RED n he was damn sure, this culprit dress of hers was surely gonna attract enough attention today.

So, Arnav Singh Raizada tried sorting out this matter the other way..way, he was sure would definitely work on his wife.

With a newly found glint in his yes, he continued walking towards her n roughly pushed her against the large rectangular mirror embedded in the wall.Their body touching with each other from chest to knees, his forehead resting against hers and his steely hard desire very very evident and marking its presence stronger than even with each passing second.

She gasped at his sudden closeness, and inhaled that toxic smell of his aftershave, filling her nostrils with it..a smell that was mixed with his maleness,which certainly holds the capacity to turn her knees into jellies..and with that she felt her mind go fuzzy.

Desires started pooling in the pit of her stomach, numbing her mind n making her ability to think, suddenly disappear. she dragged her eyes open with lots of effort and the look she then saw in his eyes was that of some hungry predator salivating after its prey.

Gathering her hazy thoughts, she managed a reply somehow,

“A..Arnav..you are not playing fair…”, she tried moving around him but he tightens his grip over her, halting her movements and pushed himself on her some more, as if that was remotely possible.

“arrrnnnavvv…i am gettin late…

She yelled at him when she looked over his shoulders towards the wall clock that showed 12:35 PM and mentally gasped on realizing that they had to reach by 1 to catch that movie.

“okay fine..Do as you want.But now that you are going to have fun..leaving me here,alone in the house with my laptop..cant i even get a proper good bye kiss..Mrs Raizada? “.

He asked in such a sweet voice coated n dripping with honey that khushi found her anger fading away instantly.

Oh god!
Only he could changed from demanding n controlling to uber sweet n understanding within seconds..THIS IS MY MAN!

My ASR with his own 50 shades.

She felt overwhelmed at the realization as the love for him overflowed its threshold..how could you possibly love someone any more when you already love them with your entire being..she suddenly felt like cancelling the movie plan to spend the entire day with him but she had already confirmed to lavanya. and Nevermind, she could anytime pursue those ‘plans’ the minute she’ll be back in the house.

She stood up on her toes n placed her lips over his, kissing him fully, pulled back n looked at him again for his reactions, now that he got what he was asking,

“not Like that Mrs Raizada..we could do better…”

and then without waiting for her reply, he started nipping her earlobe..the hint of sweetness he had shown earlier was now completely gone and was replaced by a gruff voice laden with passion. He grind his hips roughly against her making her aware of how turned on he actually was and started trailing rough kisses along her jaw, making his way towards her lips.

she gasped again on witnessing the proof of his arousal n bite her lip to stiffle her moan..she could feel his warm minty breath on her skin that was doing a fair job of invading her senses.she was panting very hard as the passion was building with each passing seconds  desires making their way from the pit of her stomach n engulfing her entire being..she was practically at the mercy of her very husband that was now playing her body like an expert guitarist.

He grabs the back of her neck n pulling her forward crashed his sinfully sexy lips with her trembling ones.

His tongue entered her mouth when she gasped n mingled with hers, tangling with it,stroking it, fighting with it for dominance n touching every nook n corner..and when it touched the roof of her mouth,she felt like she was being thrown into some paradise.Not to forget his expert hands that were busy in doing their own job of stroking n cuddling her bottoms.This was heaven she was experiencing..totally HEAVEN!

The kiss was hot and hungry.

That was the kiss he was talking about earlier.

A kiss with Arnav Singh Raizada’s mark over it.

He pulled away from the kiss n those lips now started trailing towards her neck.

she violently shuddered when that hot n sinfully sexy mouth of his descended downwards n placed a wet full kiss on the delicate sensitive skin where her neck met her shoulders.

She was too numb to think..too numb to react n totally unaware of her surrounding. The only thing she could sense was his hot as hell mouth doing things on her body that was totally beyond her control.

She clutched fistful of his hair in her fist, pulled him some more towards her, offering herself to him fully.

This man was doing things that had turned her into nothing but a bundle of nerves, thank heavens that he was holding her so tightly otherwise she was sure she wouldnt be able to stand straight on her twos. He suddenly squeezed her bottoms..a hungry moan escaped her mouth and his lips left quickly left whatever work they were doing and captured her cry in it..very expertly.

After eternity, he pulled back from the kiss, and replied smugly in a voice that clearly showed that he was very proud of himself.

“Now that some kiss..Dont you think…Mrs. Raizada?…”
He asked with a smirk lingering on his face n eyes shining with a glint.

She flushed a shade of pink at the mention of that something so wild, so carnal,so hungry..she just experienced with her husband, n nodded shyly locking her arms across his neck.

“I think you should better get going now in case you really wanna catch that khan’s movie before i change my mind and cancel your plan to finish what we have started..”

He said removing car keys from his trouser’s pocket n placing in her palms before smacking her bottoms playfully.

She squealed like a child n chuckled at him before quickly pecking him on his cheeks.

He gave that beautiful smile of his last time before turning away to grab his laptop.

utterly overwhelmed, khushi called his name to his retreating back.when he turned n looked at her, she mouthed a silent “i love you“..He winked at her after mouthing a “love you too” n made his way outta the room towards the pool side along with his laptop.

She dreamily sighed turning towards the mirror. Closing her eyes, she mentally thanked her devi maiya for blessing her with such a wonderful person as her husband..she gushed at how romantic cum protective cum possessive but utterly understanding n caring her husband is.

she was the luckiest woman on this face of earth..indeed !


khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’s doubted these ‘generous‘ thoughts about her husband the next moment when she looked at her reflection in the mirror..She gasped in horror n blinked her eyes, opening them yet wide looked at it again..in case she was dreaming the first time.

but NO!

The pink cum purple mark that was soon turning in a bright shade of RED was mocking her on the face.

He had MARKED her.. in a big way. That too inches above her left breast and it was certainly not a mark that she could hide by applying some makeup.

A ‘mark’ with Arnav Singh Raizada’s mark all over it. NO bloody WAY she could wear this pretty dress of hers now.

“aarrgghhh…RAIZADAAA…!!!!…M GONNA KILL YOU!”

The raizada mansion roared with the yelling of a woman, who just moments ago was worshiping her husband n thanking her almighty,was now ready to kill him.

followed by a chuckle of a man, that came from the poolside, who was just immensely proud of his crafts work he had done n was waiting her to track him down to confront him any time soon.

Mean while, in between this cat n mice game..the pretty lil black dress chuckled n rolled its eyes..One of a kind they both were. Surely, today its gonna go back in the closet..should wait for its turn next time..probably when a dashing n elegant Raizada will be beside her owner with his draping his arms across her waist all the time.

oh, it could wait..until next time!;)

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