“Khushi..yeh lo..tumhara breakfast..common have it..”

“Nahi khaana…bhookh nahi hai hume…”
Came a short crisp reply from the woman sitting on the bed reading a fashion magazine or better say, shuffling its pages,almost ignoring all the pretty faces posing up there.

He rolled his eyes heavenly and adjusted the plate carefully in his one hand while the other was holding his laptop bag efficiently. Putting it down on the recliner he moved towards her and sat on the bed..Lifting his hand with a spoonful of khichdi, he brought it gently near her lips which were drawn into a thin line displaying her displeasure.He waited for her to open them..better say, waited patiently for her to vent out her frustration again..for he know her better now.

“aapko samajh nahi aata…hume nahi khaana hai..or ye khichdi toh bilkul nahi khaani hai..i feel like puking up every time i see it arnav jee..”

she almost yelled at him, a frown marring her face clinging to her beautiful features, making her yet more lovely to kept staring for.

or maybe you are hopelessly in love with her Raizada
..a voice raised inside his head and couldnt agree to it anymore.

“baby its healthy..you had fever few days back..and its still not over..just few more days till you are perfectly fine..and then i swear..no body will cook khichdi again in Raizada Mansion..ever..”
He replied in an almost gentlemanly tone, but grinning sheepishly after adding that last line for he knew these exaggerations are what gonna convince her..if not his pleadings.

“FOR GOD’S SAKE I AM NOT SICK ARNAV JEE..devi maiyaa ki kasam if you’ll call me sick one more time..i…i…”
she almost threw the sentence back at him in the most irritated tone she had used on him ever..just anything to get rid of this khichdi.

He held his other free hand upwards in a gesture of surrender, quietly mumbling a sorry before making apologetic expressions,
“shh..shhh…okay..you are NOT..Now please have it..mere liye..”
He pleaded her making the most sorry face ever, a sweet smile still intact over his face.

and she knew it was something she couldnt deny..like a stubborn child, she dragged her mouth open..her eye brows still furrowed making a clear point of how unhappy she was while having this most un-fantastic meal. His lips slowly broke into a smile at her childish antics..He fed her till she emptied the plate. Handling her a glass of water with her tablets, he waited for another 5 minutes in which he knew she’ll first made a frowning face, complained about how bitter these medicines were and will curse the person atleast once who invented these in the first place.

Needless to say, she did not disappointed him this time too.


He could see something was troubling her..the way she was shuffling on her side of the bed..turning left, then right, mumbling something under her breath, fidgeting all the way. He checked the beside digital clock that was showing 11:45 pm..Close to midnight it already was.Saving and minimizing the word document, a project report that he was reading on the laptop, he placed it aside and got up from the recliner.

“kya hua meri jaan ko..neend nahi aa rahi..?..”
He asked sitting on the bed beside her,cupping her face and placing a featherlight kiss on her forehead

She shook her head in negation, confirming his previous doubt.

He touched her forehead with the back of his palm and asked in a voice laced with concern,
“You okay? are you not feeling well again..?..”

She shook her head again and replied, her lips jutting out,
“uh..oh..hum theek hain…vo…hume jalebi khaani hai…”

He asked curiously at her sudden weird demand, looking at the clock once again hoping it wasnt exactly at midnight she was demanding this before looking back at her face which was now adored with that cute pouted expression.

“Haan abhi ke abhi…”

He smirked shaking his head before leaning down and placing a tender kiss on her still pouted lips.

“Jo hukum Mrs. Raizada”
He replied grinningly before getting up and covering her with the duvet.

“Now You better stay awake till i come back..”

He replied warning her playfully before picking up his car keys from the table..alongside mentally remembering the 5 star hotels where he could get the exact jalebis that khushi loved..Yes, the paneer one.

The pout which was now replaced with a gleeful smile on her face was worth any trouble.


“khushi…what happened..you okay..why are you crying..?..”

He had came back from the office, had just entered his room..had expected his wife to greet him happily like she does everyday, instead met with this totally different scene. Khushi, with her knees pulled up to her chest, her head placed over it..was sobbing lightly. needless to say, he was by her side in a second.

and when he realized why was it happening what was happening in the first place, the reason why she was sniffing and sobbing and hiccuping was all coz of a bloody typical bollywood movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ where the heroine had just died..where Rahul had just lost his Tina ..he mentally uttered few cuss words for the film maker for making something like this in the first place..narrowing his eyes towards the giant LCD where a sobbing rahul was lighting his wife’s pyre he sincerely wished tina to get up from the pyre..right then.

“Shh..jaan…its nothing of that sort…its just a movie..”
He replied soothingly,embracing her in arms when she sensed her presence and had extended her hands,

When she kept sobbing in his shirt,he replied rubbing her back gently..holding her,
“shh…baby he’ll get kaajol in the end..dont cry…”

This time, she pulled back and looked at him angrily with wet eyelashes,with a piercing gaze as if he was the one who had killed Tina in the movie,hitting him lightly on his chest, she complained angrily,
Still..she was his first love..how could you say something like this arnav jee..that was so rude..”

He chuckled internally, before suppressing it to avoid anymore of her wrath for today, he again embraced her in a lovely warming hug, placing a kiss on her hair. they stayed like that..for when she snuggled deeper, took a deep breath, filled her nostrils, placed her ear on his left side, listened to his heart beat..mentally counting it..he didnt interrupted her..for he knew khushi needed him..for he knew she was now running high on emotions.

and when she placed a kiss over it..his lips broke into the most satisfied smile after that particularly hectic day.

there wont ever be a single dull moment with khushi Singh Raizada.


He glanced the wall clock that was showing 9:55 pm. He closed the half made presentation that he was working upon..sending a quick text to aman after mailing the ppt, he instructed him to complete the rest, alongside calling out for khushi who was somewhere in the kitchen,

“Khushi..you done..?..lets go..its 10..”

He said, still typing something on the phone.

She came out of the kitchen slowly taking her own sweet time and finding him immersed in his blackberry, she replied gently with a smile on her face,

“its okay arnav jee..aap busy hain..dont leave your work for me..”

Hearing her voice, he passed her a warm smile before replying,his eyes shining with the enormous amount of love he had..dedicated for her only,

“Arnav Singh Raizada is always free for his wife..

Her eyes danced with joy and amusement and warmth..silently thanking her stars for gifting her a gem of a husband and then they went on their regular night walk session in their lawns.

a time they had made a point of spending together after the doctor’s advice..where they cover the distance hand in hand, where they both find their peace in each other’s company..where they found solace,after his hectic day at office and hers at home..where sometimes they share their past, their deepest fears, their wishes, aspirations and what not..or where sometimes they just travel in silence..a serene peaceful silence for that matter..where there wasnt any necessary formality of filling it.

For they knew just each other’s company was what making them complete.


“Khushi..baby am here…shh..dont worry…”
He replied in a whispering tone, placing her locks behind her ears, stroking her face, cupping her cheeks, wiping off the sweat buds that accumulated there after every few minutes..soothing her furrowed brows.

“aaahh…arnav jee…i cant stand this pain…please help me.”
She replied painfully..a anguish cry escaped her lips. Seeing her like this..dressed in that maternity gown, lying on this bed, waiting for it to get over..he felt nothing but helpless..he embraced her sweating form in his arms and continued murmuring those sweet nothings in her ears amidst her cries..giving her desired strength that he knew she needed the most..he felt satisfied when she clawed her nails in his flesh trying to suppress yet another contraction that had hitted her..that was the least he could do in this situation..That day an atheist arnav had sincerely prayed to all the almighty powers to give the much needed strength to his wife, also silently pleading to the unborn baby not to trouble his wife anymore.

“Baby am here..nothing to worry..my khushi is the strongest..haina…”

He replied kissing her forehead continuously, mentally praying all the time.

dont they say, prayers do work!

khushi gathered up all her courage and pushed for one final time..tears leaking from her eyes still..depicting the amount of unbearable pain she was going through..and indeed which was the most heart wrenching scene for the Raizada. The atmosphere echoed with one loud cry of anguish for prolong seconds followed by a calm serene silence. A silence which was then pierced by the soft cries of a new born baby.

He didnt missed the way his heart skipped a beat after listening to the most purest voice, voice of a wailing baby that fell into his ears..his heart was in his throat..literally..extremely overwhelmed by his own range of emotions playing with him..trying hard to keep tears of happiness at bay and failing to do that, he turned back to look at khushi’s limp form which was breathing slowly..her eyes closed..tears still leaking..but a serene smile plastered over there..for he knew she too was transfixed by the magical voice of the blessing just showered upon them.

Leaning down, he wiped her tears with the back of his palm,and kissing her forehead replied in a voice, failing to keep the shiver of excitement away from it,

“Mrs. Raizada..thankyou for the best gift…ever..”

They named her myra which means marvellous!


She sat there gently, swaying on the swing that was placed at one corner of their widespread lawn, all these incidents playing in her mind..reminding of their journey together in the process..watching arnav playing with their princess at few feets apart, a warm smile making its way on her lips..she felt her eyes getting misty under her lids watching the most beautiful scene unfolding before her eyes..Is this the same famous business tycoon ASR, the toughest, the ruthless and what not guy..as labelled by various business experts..who was now on his 4..giving a ride to their bundle of joy..their daughter..who was now gripping his hairs tightly in her small chubby fists…her eyes shoning with joy, excitement..a giggle escaping her cute lips finding her daddy playing this fav game with hers.

Khushi felt a serene warmth settling in the bottom of her heart watching two of her lifelines like this together. Its been 2 years since they have been blessed with this little bundle of sunshine that had stepped into their lives and transformed it completely for the better..for she had completed them beyond expectations. Her lips broke into a smile when she remembered all those incidents during her pregnancy..where she used to have mood swings..be it that jalebi incident when he went at almost midnight..or that movie incident where she dint knew why she cried so stupidly when it was the 7th time she had watched that movie..or be it any other incident..but one person that was always there to face her wrath..to hold her..to console her..to support her..to let her behave the way she wanted to..that fulfilled all her stupid silly wishes, that took her mood swings without complaining even once, that cared for her the most, skipping his important conferences just to accompany her for those monthly checkups..that took personal tab on her diet throughout those 9 months..and after myra was born..even stayed awake till wee hours of night holding myra who definitely was least interested in sleeping at nights.

“Mrs. Raizada,thankyou for the best gift ever..”

he had said in a shaky voice which still gave her goosebumps..she clearly remembered the way he was fighting with his own overwhelming emotions at that moment. Surely, myra was the best thing to have happened to them..but even before that, wasnt it this gem of a person to had helped her in each and every step of her pregnancy period..wasnt it him who read those maternity books at night..that too twice..wasnt it him who knew before hers how to hold the newborn boby supporting its head and every other thing related to it. He too was learning alongside hers in the process..his so much dedication, excitement and joy to the parenthood that he was experiencing for the very first time made her proud and made him stand apart from others. His willingness to provide the bestest future to their child keeping in mind how he was deprived of one..inturn it made him the most wonderful father a child could expect.

So, wasnt HE the best gift she had got!

she closed her eyes in contentment..a satisfaction settling in the pit of her stomach..the giggling voices soothed her ears to every extent…she silently thanked devi maiyaa for blessing her with the most beautiful gifts.

She felt someone kissing her forehead and automatically her sheepish smile grew even more wider. Opening her orbs she came across her dashing husband looking at her in amusement, asking her the matter by lifting his eyebrow…she just shook her head and patted the seat next to hers.

Placing her lock behind her ears he took the seat and embraced her in a side hug..she snuggled deeper into his chest and murmured a polite thankyou..a thankyou which was nothing in comparison to whatever he had done..but still a thank you that was complete in itself.

He just hugged her tighter in response..and they both chuckled in unison when seeing this,myra came runningly towards them, making a frowning face..feeling left out that now her ma n pa were quietly stealing a private moment together..for she was definitely the most attention seeking child.

Just like you khushi…

haw..me..? she’s like you when we talking about temper..

but she’s naughty like you jaan

umm..may be..but she throws tantrums like you arnav jee..


jee haan..

The fights, the bickering, the care, the protectiveness, the warmth, the longing, the support..they had it all!

cuz each one of them had dat one priceless thing to gift others..LOVE!

dat too in abundance!

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