OS: Complete

She woke up in the middle of the night..which was a part of her routine nowadays. of course,Motherhood can change you in so many ways..it shows you the hidden n undiscovered side of yourself which you couldn’t have guessed existed before.

Same was the case for Khushi here. Khushi kumari gupta was once famous as ‘kumbhkaran‘, a name given by her buaji..cuz of her sleeping habits. she used to be a heavy sleeper in her teen days..and as they say, old habits die hard..it had continued after her marriage too.

and the word ‘marriage‘ itself was enough to brought a smile on her lips.Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor as once crowned by famous gossip magazines all across the globe and the CEO of the Leading Fashion house of India was her Husband now.

My Man!
She thought proudly..still in daze. She blinked several times to adjust her vision in the dimly lit room, yawned and stretched her body and glanced at the bed side table clock.
3:17 am

she gasped a lil after mentally calculating that she slept for 4 straight hours without even blinking once n still her body is as tired as it was before sleeping.

ah..all courtesy..her lil princess..their princess!

The one, who had automatically changed their lives just by stepping into it.

she gasped now,somewhat loudly,cursing her laziness.she slept through hours without even looking for her dear daughter once..how irresponsible could she get?

She quickly turned sideways, kinda worried and met with a scenario, which she swear,she could watch for eternity without even blinking her lashes..even once!

Her 7 months old daughter avni, who had kept her on her toes from the day she was born..was now sleeping peacefully on arnav’s bare chest.

now,for a woman isnt that something to die for?
For a mother,no scene, no visual..nothing is better than watching her child sleeping happily or resting peacefully in the cocoon of  her husband’s arms.

and likewise was the case for khushi too..she felt her heart swelling with pride at that very instant. Resting her head on her elbow, she continued watching the duo sleeping and couldn’t help but a smile came on her lips n lingered there playfully.

Avni, was undoubtedly more attached to her father than anyone else in the whole Raizada mansion.She was her papa’s darling princess..absolutely.

The Raizada house that once used to be silent long ages ago now roared with laughter n happiness. All courtesy the lil doll..in other words,she was a complete mixture of bubbliness n naughtiness into one.

Though each member of Raizada house contributed in spoiling the lil brat, but ah..the CEO surpassed them all in this race..khushi smirked a lil and rolled her eyes on remembering the incident when they had first gone shopping with a 5 month old avni.

Khushi wanted to buy few clothes for avni..she got busy in selecting the dresses displayed in front of her by the sales woman there, that when she glanced up after few minutes, the father daughter duo was no where to be seen. shaking her head, she had went back to purchasing again..and the next she knew,arnav n avni came back after buying every single teddy, from the toy department. she had looked at the duo dumbfoundedly, her mouthed opened wide, as much as it could..not just 2-3..freaking 17 teddies they were, ranging from all colors n sizes he had bought.. just cuz avni got exited n clapped on spotting a blue teddy bear there.

she had tried to argue that avni is just months old n a toy or two is enough to entertain their highly active child..as she keeps on discovering yet new ways of entertainment everyday..leaving behind the old one..the latest one being the horse riding..where role of the horse was played by different prakash brothers everyday..but Arnav was adamant on buying every damn thing his daughter would place a finger upon..on giving her every ounce of joy n happiness his daughter deserves..khushi quitted the matter there..somewhat happy on seeing this side of arnav too.

The caring and the protective side.

She glanced at his rising n falling chest..with each breath he took and slowly ran a hand through his hair..carefully..trying her best for not waking him up.

My Arnav..how much he has changed..For her..for avni.

Glancing at his sleeping form which was holding avni’s tiny body firmly yet protectively in his strong hands..she could clearly saw the shadow of a father who could do any damn thing for his child..shadow of a husband who could place the world on her feet..shadow of a man who could fight with the world just to protect his family.

She could saw the glimpse of the strongest man ever..inside the sleeping form of her husband.

The vulnerable man of few months back was no where to be seen.

She clearly remembered that day. She was waiting for him the whole day..wanting to deliver the piece of news so badly to him..the joy was so much that she could hardly keep it within herself..She had imagined various ways in which he would burst with happiness on hearing the news.

“You are going to be a father arnav..”
“i m going to be a mom..”
“We are going to be complete..a complete family..”

she had rehearsed n re-rehearsed these lines million times, standing infront of the mirror..placing her hand on her barely there bulging stomach..every now n then. Yes, the joy of a ‘mother-to-be’ had made her crazy completely. She had picked up her phone n number of times that day to call him n tell him,every time she hold back cuz she dint wanted to miss even a single expression of  joy on his face.

That day he came back home kinda late than normal, extremely tired and the moment he had seen her,had ravished her lips in a deep kiss like some hungry man..after giving him his daily dose of their passionate kisses..she had pulled back to deliver him the news but after seeing the growing desire in his eyes, she had decided to not interrupt him at that moment.That day, he had made love, more slowly, more passionaitely, exploring each inch of her like its for the first time he’s doing that.

He was still catching his breath after it was over..still relishing the spasms of the pleasure they had just experienced..a sweet content smile still lingering on his lips and his hand was entangled in her locks..feeling them. she glanced at him and knew it was the best time to give him the most important news now..she had placed her head on his bare, hard chest and He had opened his eyes just then. The look she saw in his orbs was that of the most satisfied man ever. she was still looking for the ‘perfect words’, when he himself spoken out, running his thumb across her lips.

“You Complete me..khushi..”

and hold her tightly in his arms,

She felt so overwhelmed at that time,trying very hard to control her tears,

“No arnav..we are going to be COMPLETE…SOON

she gave him some time to decode the above cryptic sentence, when he twitched his brow in confusion,she rolled her eyes and explained further,

“You are going to be a Father arnav…”

and then she waited there,holding her breath..giving him time for the latest revelation to sunk in completely..waiting for him to shower her with kisses..waiting for him to hold her more tightly..waiting for him to say some sweet nothing in her ears..to express his emotions.

and she was left waiting.

That was the most awkward moment for her cuz when she had expected him to jump with joy..the look that she had seen flickering in his eyes left her in nothing more but confusion.

The pool of emotions she had seen in his orbs moments ago was no where to be seen..they were now expressionless..without saying anything..he rolled off the bed, wearing his tee n shorts,went near the french windows..leaving her alone.

All alone!

She felt like she was being slapped hard on her face n the pain has jolted n was running through her entire being now..she just couldnt make out his sudden change of his behavior. She came after him..few minutes later..controlling already raging emotions that had already placed her on the verge of crying.

She could clearly make out that he was tensed..just by the way he was standing..his shoulders hunched up together..his fists clenching n un clenching..again n again.

She placed her palms on his shoulders n turned him around..what she wasnt expecting to see was the pain n vulnerability that etched across his whole face..his eyes misty n red. and khushi instantly knew that her husband here was fighting a battle within himself.

She kept aside all her worries at that very instant..she had to be strong..for him..for herself..for the life that now growing inside her.

She hugged him instantly..more tightly dan ever..placed her ear on his chest..the raging heart beat was enough to explain his condition.

It was Arnav Singh Raizada..at his vulnerable best.

she glanced up,asked him in a slow but confident voice,
“You are afraid that you wont be a good father..hmm…?”

“That you wont be able to protect our little one…”

in response,he just turned his face sideways,hiding his emotions expertly as always.

But this time she turned his face again,
knowing that she just couldn’t afford to loose him here, at such a phase of their life..she couldn’t let him beleive his worst.framing his face in between her palms, she replied to him, more confidently this time without an ounce of hesitation.

“YOU ARE NOT LIKE YOUR FATHER..You listening me?..Dont compare yourself with him..

she gained some strength when he looked at her, she could clearly saw hope flickering in his eyes, silently asking her to go ahead..to make him believe..that what she was saying was not just to make him happy but its genuinely so.

“Your father left you n your family when you wanted him the most..he never cared for a lovely wife that gave him such a wonderful family, He never cared for you and di..He destroyed the most precious gift with his own hands arnav. Dont blame yourself for all this. You are NO where like him..You have taken the burden of this family on your shoulders when you were just 20..since then you have taken care of every single person of this house..You know you are the roof under which we sleep peacefully each night..just cuz of one simple reason..cuz we know YOU ARE THERE..you wont let anything harm us..you wont let anything affect us..we know you can do every damn thing for your family…”

The tears that were forming in his eyes and were threatening to come out any moment now, were a sign that she had just hit the right spot..she had just told him what he had always wanted to listen from so long..she had just given him the assurance he was desperately looking for.

she wiped the lone tear that stubbornly escaped his lids, despite his attempts,

“Can you expand your love,care n protectiveness for someone new..who wants to be a part of our family now..who wants to complete us..whom we have created?…”

she placed his palm over her stomach n asked him, not making an efforts to stop her own tears now.

arnav who was already at the loss of words, nodded quickly,assuring her in case words failed to help him..he pulled her in a tight hug..placing his head in the cocoon of her neck.

That night he traveled one more step away from his brutal past..with the help of khushi. That night both of them cried their hearts out..eradicating all ghosts of pasts n making room for the happiness that was knocking on their door.

She came back to present..dint knew when the tears have made their appearance yet again..but this time,it was cuz of whole different reason.

She sniffed while wiping her tears and glanced at arnav who was now looking at her with his sleepy eyes and questioning her why she’s crying by twitching his brows.

she shook his head lightly, a small smile on her lips..came forward and slowly placed her lips over his, and instantly felt him smiling.

she pulled back n looked into his eyes..they were now glinting with the same emotion and she knew, he was aware what she’s thinking of.

No words were exchanged between them.

Their eyes were doing the talking.

silently thanking each other for sticking around at the worst of times.

silently promising each other to stay together like this..forever.

silently appreciating the life they had created..sleeping peacefully.

Kissing her daughter one last time on her fluffy cheeks,she kissed him again,took one of his arms,stretched it n placed her head on it..her favorite pillow that was.

soon dey all drifted to a peaceful slumber within minutes..with smiles still lingering over their lips.

They were indeed complete now!

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