Look, whose back?

Hi there!

Yes, its me Rotten and glad to say that i am back in time when this couple is already setting our hearts on fire with their sizzling chemistry,again. I know its so long since i updated my stories and many readers have expressed their concern about whether i am going to finish then or not.

Every writer when starts some piece of fiction,wants to see it reaching its inevitable end along with the support and help from its readers base. Having said that, i assure you that every story of mine with reach its destined end in its own time. I assure you i am not going to leave them in midway. All i want is your support and constant love that you all have bestowed upon me since the start.

For the purpose I have set this blog up. My own personal space that i hoped to fill with my musings, a world where harsh reality ceased to exist, where love is of no bounds, weaving tales depicting small glimpses of two beautiful characters that are ruling our hearts since they came together on screen . A place where their silly little antics will definitely put a smile on your face. A creative zone where i will try my best to shed some of your stress.

Come, join me in this journey.

A journey with Arnav and khushi….

(PS: I am currently trying to shift my work from IF to here and will resume my fics or post new content as soon as this blog will be up and running)





11 thoughts on “Look, whose back?

  1. Congrats on blog… I always wanted to ask you why you dont have a blog..but, forgot asking when I get new books in my mail..:P Hope to see all your works in one place soon… and please dont take forever to transfer from IF to blog 😀

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