Drabble: Roses

He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel while waiting for the signal to turn green when someone knocked on the window. Turning sideways, he saw a boy somewhat around 10-11 years of age giving him a cheery smile reaching straight to his eyes, that he couldn’t resist rolling down his windows.

“saab’ , memsaab ke liye le lo”

the boy pleaded, showing him a bunch of fresh red roses and Arnav’s heart melt at that. Red roses..oh, how she’ll love them. He couldnt help but his lips slowly split into that gorgeous smile whenever he thought about her. That smile ,undoubtedly ,was reserved for her only.

Picking out a 500 rupees bill from his wallet, he placed it in the boy’s hand and instantly his heart warmed at the sight. the boy was excited to say the least, thanking him again and again and how memsaab is a very lucky lady, before turning around and showing another kid standing beside him, his new treasure.

Raizada shook his head, now feeling lightheaded, and placed the bunch of roses carefully on the passenger seat, as just then the signal turned green and he drove towards her, their home.

That night, those bunch of fresh red roses did find their ultimate place in a vase, beside his deceased wife’s huge portrait,decorated by garlands, hanged on a wall just opposite his bed.

This ever smiling pic of khushi, her eyes radiating with joy, those lips stretching to the maximum, the blush creeping on her cheeks, he clicked this awesome moment some 2 years back, on one such occasion when he had bought a huge bouquet of red roses. She had been so happy, giggling like a child, on clouds nine. She would have reacted the same way, had she been alive today.

This picture of hers, was the last thing Arnav Raizada stare at,every night, before drifting to a peaceful slumber, hoping in his heart he could somehow meet her there , again in this lifetime!!!


4 thoughts on “Drabble: Roses

  1. OMG Rotten… you are so bad… I was expecting a sweet romantic drabble,, thought Arnav will surprise Khushi with these roses… or may be he will get those roses and there will be a PA named KKG whom he will give.. or any other track where Khushi would be alive..:(

    And see this is the first story I get to read from your blog 😦

    But, I admit… When I started reading never expected this twist… ah.. Well dont.. ek “CHANGE” hi kaafi tha mujhe rulane ko… No more “CHANGE”..Please 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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