OS: Coming home

Arnav entered the Raizada house at 11:00 in the night. With laptop in one hand and his coat hanging loosely on other, he made his way upstairs after meeting wid his nani n di in the hall.

It was a tiring day. Very tiring!
Back to back meetings through out d day followed by overseas conference calls. He could barely rest for few minutes.But he dint regret it at all. His company managed to bag 3 international deals dat dey were bidding for.

Indeed a victory!

Victory? Yes!
But,Nothing extra ordinary!

He was used to this kind of success. ” Business tycoon of the year”, 6 times in a row, is a proof enough.

Then,what’s NEW? He asked himself.

Instantly, a small grin made its way on his face..eh, New? He shook his head lightly coz his heart knew the answer.

khushi !

His khushi

His life!

His wife!

Center of his universe!

Cause of his existence!


Yeah,he was used to dis kind of success. He was used to working hard, extremely hard to take his company RAIZADA CORPORATIONS to a new height. After every success, he set his target at a new level n dn start working in achieving it. He is his biggest competitor..but den, even after all this, there was a constant hollowness surrounding him.

He was successful but not happy !

He was rich but not content !

As if a piece from his life’s puzzle was missing!

n as they say na, at the TOP, the only other thing u met is



He took a deep contended breath as he stood outside his bedroom door!

A grin automatically making its way on his face.

The ‘answer’ of all his earlier questions is inside…waiting for him eagerly, he knew dat, for sure !

Collecting his thots, he entered his bedroom..his current favorite place in the world.

Current fav ?
Eh,why ?
Oh, shut up Raizada! U know the answer.he scolded himself playingly.

The room was dim lit and empty, he knew where she must be.

Placing the laptop on the bed , he made his way to the pool side.

There she was, sitting on the pool side chair, gazing at d stars, a small smile lingering on her soft lips , sub-consciously playing wid her mangalsutra.

Her Mangalsutra!
The sacred thread that he had tied !
He love that piece of jewelry on her,the most.

It’s His mark ,on her!

It’s a proof for d world dat she was HIS !

As if sensing his presence,khushi moved sideways,spotting him she squealed loudly, her grin now turning into a full fledged smile. She jumped from the chair,came runningly and crashed into his chest !

She threw her arms round his neck n clung onto him so tightly she wasn’t sure he could even breathe.

Ah,coming back to home! Arnav thot smilingly
What a feeling!
Now, he know what was he missing in his lyf earlier.

This angel.

His angel.

Still hiding her face in the cocoon of his neck n locking her arms behind his back, she started her non stop chatting.Must be asking about his day or may be narrating her own,about what crazy acts she performed today ..arnav smiled,shaking his head lightly,but he was not listening to her blabber

Coz he was too bizzy in relishing the pleasure he was getting. This feeling of contentment is just incomparable!

Out of dis world !

He felt amused,at the power this innocent creature holds on him..

She was now luking at him, still saying something, her almond shaped Brown eyes shimmering with joy and twinkling wid certain kind of mischievousness !

And Dat pretty, little mouth was glistening with laughter!


All mine!
arnav thot proudly

She was now grinning ear to ear..she must have done something horrible with mamiji today..arnav smiled at her b’ful wife’s antics.

His tiredness leaving him instantly.

He was feeling light weight



Suddenly, he got all his answers. Never earlier in his life, he felt dis desperate to go home quickly.

Going Home to someone!

It’s not like he dint enjoy working now. He loved it and always will,without any doubt.

But never ever he felt like sharing minute details of his day with anyone..not evn wid his Di .

As the realization sunk within him, a strong wave of possessiveness gripped him!

A feeling to protect this girl from all the evil of this world. Just for himself!

She stopped her blabbering on finding him not giving any response.she looked up worriedly from the nest of his arms into his eyes.

She pressed her palm against his cheek.

”Arnav Ji..you okay? What are u thinking?”

Overwhelmed with his recent explorations, he suddenly felt a very strong desire to Express his feelings..something he hadn’t done before.

Express his feelings?
He laughed mentally at the thot.

Arnav Singh Raizada was never a man of words n dese emotional feelings dat are gripping him tight at d moment, were alien to him,

Until he met khushi!

His girl ,

His crazy girl,

His Crazy yet adorable girl.

Oh, who wud have thot dat ruthless, arrogant,n yeah rude, Arnav Singh Raizada will behave like a lovesick puppy someday..all cuz of dis woman,he smirked, shaking his head at this thot.

He dint knw a thing about how to deal wid ‘these’ emotions.

Dese ‘New ‘ set of emotions!

He was very friendly with other set of emotions rage,anger, pride, envy, depression, anxiety, frustration

But not these!

ASR, never expresses

He just act!

As if reaching to a conclusion,He blew out a breath as he lent into her palm.

He lifted his hands, framing her face into his palms,his eyes shining with love..pure love !

Khushi looked into his eyes.His molten Brown eyes which are darker Dan ever.

Oh,she knew this look..his eyes, his biggest intruder, saying it all. ALL!

She knew, what was about to come.
She cud see that He wanted to say something ..but failing miserably!

Her heart thumping loudly in her chest..So loud that she was sure, arnav could hear it with slight concentration.

Holding her face, he tightens his grip and pulled her forward, his breath coming onto her face n her lips inches away from his.

The next instant,he bent down n licked her lower lip and when she gasped,slides his tongue inside her mouth to give her the most passionate,bone melting, life shattering kiss.

The kiss that went on and on…

For how long…dey don’t remember…

A kiss,that was full of passion, and like wildfire it burned everything in its wake. she met the kiss with a need of her own.

After god knows, how long, he slowly pulled back from the kiss..looking into her eyes n gathering his thots, whispered in a voice loaded with emotions

Raw..unsaid emotions…

“Do you love me ?”he asked softy

he knew she did ..

..Wid her whole heart

..Wid her whole being

..Wid her soul !

She love him unconditionally, more Dan anything..

But, at dis moment, he need to hear dat, he needs an assurance dat all dis is real. They are real


For ever!

Beyond eternity!

She lifted her eyes to look into his Brown ones..she could witness the pool of emotions in his orbs. She knew, he is aware what her answer would be..

He just needs an assurance

…like a child. She smiled inwardly,
her own eyes brimming wid tears at dis pure, out of the world feeling.

“Do I need to say it out loud?”

She replied with a grin.She stood on her toes and wrap her arms around him for a tight, very tight hug and then stretch up further to mingle her lips into his.

To give him one of d softest kiss ever!

Soft n pure as a feather.

Giving him all his answers, wiping all his doubts, in that single kiss.

A kiss dat was beyond P-E-R-F-E-C-T–I-O-N!

A kiss dat was a promise!

A kiss dat was an assurance!

A kiss that was brimming wid





unadulterated JOY !

He dint knew, for how long he kept holding her, just like dat…

Oh, he was indeed HOME !

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